(A familiar letter to some but with the Secret to the author’s strength and commitment obscured)

I am writing to you as the person you have always known, holding on to that same vision of the future that we talked so much about. I know that what we held onto is powerful enough to flood your mind with a feeling of peace and a sense of belonging that I don’t want you to live without. That’s my hope for you as I start to write this, that your days are filled with that calm happiness and a security about what really matters. That’s what I want.

Even from so far away, even after so much time, even in what I am going through, I think about you often. Memories hit me as I go through my day. When they do, it makes me so glad you have been in my life and that you let me be in yours. We both know it’s not just a coincidence that our lives have been interwoven. I am so thankful they have been.

When I picture you now, your life, and future, and what I want for you, it always gives me the same good feeling, the feeling of energy to do great things, the confidence that good things are in our lives. It’s a type of feeling that makes it hard to stand still. That’s what happens every time I stop to really think about what your life can be like and the person you are becoming, when I think of my dreams for you.

Part of the reason I feel this way is because we have been working together side by side, helping each other what we know is worthwhile. We have been partners in a fight so important that I know you will continue on, no matter what, until the very end.
Some may not understand my emotions about all this, but this is the right way for me to feel about you. It makes so much sense because there is a permanent place in my heart for you. That will never change.

It doesn’t matter if outwardly I am being subjected to horrible conditions and circumstances, mistreated, retaliated against for what I say, or if I have complete freedom to speak the truth. Either way, we are sharing this journey. Our lives and hearts are bound together and I have a longing for you that few may understand or believe. I think it’s misunderstood because it’s a type of affection not often seen in this world. It doesn’t come from the usual interactions and relationships we see around us everyday. It holds a special purpose and a unique power. We understand it and where it comes from, even if others don’t.

So here is what my heart is longing for right now. I long for you to be able to love. I dream of you becoming better and better at the hard work that I now know love to be. I want you to know how to make the right choices in love and to be guided by insight and wisdom when you love. I want you to very good at loving, unusually good, knowing what’s best in each situation and doing what’s right. I want you to love in a way that allows no place for guilt or blame, a type of love that can keep on going until the end, a type of love that leads people to be amazed, the type of love that people can’t stop talking about once they have seen it or felt it.

My desire for you, my hope and dream, is that you are able to love, better and better, almost perfectly.