The Tragic Tale of Christmas and Summer

as many years as they have been
as close as any dearest kin
as like in ways as twin to twin
They still loved from a distance.

but both held hope with every spin
of earth’s great clock, day out, day in
that they could over ages win
The calendar’s resistance.

yet time itself upheld the fate
that kept them coming always late
kept them on any mutual date
From standing face to face

though now for years they’ve never met
they vowed as one to always let
the common joy that children get
Feel as their lost embrace

Many of you have family and loved ones who are far away. My family is 3 time zones away and my brother lives so far away that when I talk to him today, he’s hearing me tomorrow. I think about things like this at night sometimes and posts pop into my head. This time I thought I’d write it down. So I wrote a deeply tragic :) poem about two of the things in my childhood that were so similar in how they made me feel (joy) that I thought they should be the closest of friends. Of course, it is impossible for them to be friends for many reasons, the least of which I have documented above.