You have people who believe in you. True, some have misunderstood you, even hurt you. But you have people who believe in you. What do they see?

What is the picture they have of you? I know you have your own picture of yourself but my guess is that the injuries have distorted that a bit, maybe even a lot.

Ok it’s not just a guess.

I know that fear and discouragement over time warp the way we see ourselves. That picture you have of yourself, the one that makes you lose heart? It’s wrong, twisted, out of proportion. Borrow someone else’s for a while. At least look at it. Don’t be overconfident in your own ability to accurately see yourself because lately you have been mistaken… and it’s hurting you. There are plenty of legitimate reasons for pain in the world. Your blurred and smudged self-image is not one of them. Turn your eyes away from it for a while.

Trust the opinion of people that believe in you.

These samples in the “For those who hurt” series are taken from a book to be released later this year.