Do you believe you are loved?

You know, don’t you, that it is possible for a human to be deeply loved and not feel it?

Just like it is possible to hold a glass of water in your hands and not drink it. To have the answer staring you in the face and not see it. Just because you don’t see it does not mean it isn’t there. Just because you are thirsty does not mean there is no water. Just because you do not feel loved does not mean you are unloved.

Let me start a sentence for you to finish.

“If God really loved me…”

Ah! Things come to mind don’t they? You might not put it so bluntly but the echoes are there in your mind. You wonder why God has not rescued you, taken away the pain, provided something. As soon as you wonder, possible answers come flooding in. Maybe some of the answers comfort you but there are some that hurt or scare you.

Beware of the answer “I am not loved.” “I don’t matter.” And even “I am being punished.” You say you believe in forgiveness. Do you? Yes, you have done some things that are wrong. Ask God to search your heart. Ask God for forgiveness.

Whatever God is doing or not doing, it is not because you are unloved.

And hold on for this one…

It is exactly BECAUSE you are loved.

These samples in the “For those who hurt” series are taken from a book to be released later this year. Check back for details.