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It’s possible that being alone is not just our greatest fear but our only fear.

It could be the active ingredient in our fear of death. It could be the element we empathically resonate with when we fear something happening to our children. Even our fear of rejection seems not so much about the rejection as it is about the imagined result of the rejection – being alone.

Our fear of harm, pain, suffering, damage… these may all be connected to the imagined end product – being alone.

I understand that aloneness is the active ingredient in Hell. Hell is the only place where our fear of being alone can finally come true, making it terrifying beyond anything we have ever felt.

I’ve often told people, “First relax. First don’t be afraid.” But that may not go far enough up stream. Must we deal first with the fear of being alone before we can deal with any fear or anxiety in the general sense?

Loneliness, like many emotions, happens to itself. Once we believe it, it’s true, except for the fact that we may be able to unbelieve it, making it no longer true. The exception, of course, being Hell.

I believe that the Great Answer existed long before questions could even be imagined. The remedy to loneliness existed long before loneliness did. The Answer to this fear MUST BE that we are not really alone, (or at least, not yet, in the case of those who will ultimately reject God.)

We certainly have a drive for friendship, association and companionship. But these are not the answer to our ultimate fear. They are hints that lead us to the answer.

As true as it must seem sometimes, I am not alone and you are not alone. God has reserved that most horrible of all fates for a specific purpose at the end of time. Short of that, it CANNOT be true while God exists.

This is the answer to our greatest fear.

Don’t be afraid.

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