Water Breathing

Water Breathing is my term for what is often referred to as Coherence Breathing. It’s a very simple technique that does great things. You can read more about it in this article from Scientific American.

Here is a video that you can use with just the visual or just the audio to fit your situation. Don’t worry that it’s an hour long. Just do as much as you have time for. Even 5 minutes will benefit you. Like a glass of water, it’s good for you almost any time and anywhere.

Whiskey Breathing

Here is a breath technique that you will definitely feel! It takes advantage of the mammalian dive reflex to make immediate changes in our physiology. Like whiskey, use responsibly at the right place and time. It will briefly disrupt your ability to focus and concentrate on other things besides the breathing and you will get looks if you do it in public.

Start with this tutorial.

Then try this.

Once you’ve gotten into a regular practice, you can move on to this.

And finally here’s a more advanced version of Whiskey Breathing for experienced Wim Hof fans. My family has been doing it regularly for some time now and my record breath hold is over 3 minutes. But don’t treat this like a competition. Just let yourself benefit from it.

Somatic Attending

Here is a body based ‘journaling’ system that you may find has some surprising benefits.